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Where quality meets affordability

Here at Yardrest, we know we’re a product of our own environment. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing furniture that allows you to create and personalize your ideal space - the perfect environment where you work, play, and frequent. Gone are the days of unpleasant and soul-draining habitats. We believe your home is your peace and comfort, and our goal is to help elevate your space with each and every design.

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Bringing comfort to you

OUR MISSION: We are devoted to our mission to enable you to build spaces that gratify and inspire.

OUR VALUES: Above all, we value quality, comfort, and ingenuity.

OUR PROMISE: We are committed to producing pieces that provide a lifetime of quality and comfort.

Transform your space


Dreamy designs and soothing colors bring a relaxed ambiance to every corner of your home. 

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Enjoy countless nights of barbeques and late night campfires lounging in your cozy and snug space. 

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From the thoughtful finishing to the delicate textures and intricate details - we believe the whole is just as important as the sum of its parts. View More