Small Titanium Shield Outdoor Chair Cover

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Nothing is better than breathing in the crisp air after the first rain of the season and nothing is worse than sitting upon a damp chair left uncovered under the elements. Make sure that your comfy seat is kept safe and dry so you can enjoy that breath of fresh air with a Shield Outdoor Chair Cover. With multi-layer designed thermoplastic polyurethane, this fade-resistant cover provides a waterproof exterior that breathes, allowing moisture vapor to escape and prevent rot. At the same time, high-quality polyurethane tape runs along all stitched seams to prevent water leaks from rain. The strong insulated material also provides greater protection from extreme heats and even chilling temperatures of 35° below 0°. To provide more security from strong winds, this durable tear-resistant cover also comes with an adjustable click-close hem cord to perfectly secure the cover to your patio furniture. Whether your concern is dust or damp, this chair cover is perfect to block it all so you can relax in comfort at a moments notice, so send 1 to your patio now to secure your day of relaxation.

Specs: 28" W 25.5" L 29" H